Similar to our paper shredding services, Southern California Shredding can also shred all your digital media you no longer need: hard drives, CDs, film, microfiche, and more. We will provide a Certificate of Destruction to verify that the process has been completed.

Pile of Metal Shreds from Hard Drive Destruction

Southern California Shredding accepts the following for hard drive and media destruction. Once we have certified that the items and the data they once held have been destroyed, we sort and appropriately recycle all shredded materials as part of our commitment to running an earth-friendly business.

  • Hard Drive (any kind of laptop, desktop, PATA, SATA, and many more)
  • Floppy Disk (3.5-inch disk, 5.25-inch disks, and many more)
  • Backup Magnetic Tapes (any kind of DLT, mini cartridges, and many more)
  • Zip Disk (100 MB, 250 MB, and other large disks)
  • Optical Media (CDs, DVDs, Blue Ray, and HD DVD)

Select clients might be able to have the media shredded right in front of them. We have some mobile shredding trucks specially designed to handle media destruction. Clients who cannot use a mobile solution for media destruction can always drop off those items at our facility, where we will destroy them for you.

If you have digital, magnetic, or optical media that needs to be destroyed, contact Southern California Shredding today. We accept materials from Orange County, San Diego County, Los Angeles County, and all surrounding communities.