Southern California Shredding offers convenient service plans to provide document destruction. We provide our easy, reliable shredding options across multiple counties throughout Southern California, including Los Angeles County, Ventura County, San Bernardino County, and Riverside County.

Purge Service*

  • On-Site: We come to you and shred your documents right in front of you! Since the shredding is done on-site we do not remove the boxes. A Certificate of Destruction is issued for each service.
  • Off-Site: We pick up your boxes of documents and shred them at our secure facility. The boxes are recycled and a Certificate of Destruction is issued for each service.

*One-time service due to expired documents and/or cleaning out storage units.


Regular Scheduled Service

  • Secure containers are provided free of charge and service is scheduled for an agreed-upon frequency (Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly)
  • Certificate of Destruction issued for each service.


Drop Off

  • You can bring your boxes directly to our secure facility!
  • Monday – Friday, 9am-4pm: Drop Off Only Documents can be placed in a secure bin and shredded at night.
  • Saturday, 9am-1pm: On-Site Shredding Bring your boxes to us and they will be shredded directly in front of you.
  • No matter which option you choose, rest assured that our facility is secure and under 24 hour video surveillance.

Southern California Shredding is ready to help Orange County, San Diego County, and other communities handle their document destruction needs. Call us to learn more about our services. We will be happy to assist you.